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AWAMS™ Product Benefits

  • Immediate Economic Benefit:  AWAMSwound tracking reports will yield immediate savings and improved efficiencies over traditional documentation programs. Print multiple copies at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Transfer charts and self-explanatory reports with or without photos via e-mail to physicians or other facilities.
  • Improved Reimbursement:  AWAMS™ assists clinicians in documenting and demonstrating justifiable treatment and improved outcomes. Leverage your case for increased reimbursement with AWAMS™ .
  • Litigation Protection & Deterrence:  Your facility's litigation leverage and legal protection is maximized with a detailed, comprehensive wound care protocol.
  • Streamlined Inter-Facility Communication:  Insurers, physicians and government healthcare agencies will respond rapidly and positively to your detailed and highly accurate reports and charting.
  • CMS CPT Code Compliance:  Avoid survey citations and assure maximum and accurate reimbursement for services provided under several CPT billing codes.
  • Wound Care Protocol Platform:  Designed as the centerpiece of a wound care protocol AWAMS™ will help you pass your JCAHO and State survey with flying colors.

AWAMS™ - PDoc Photo Documentation

"The Original" - No wound contact!

Import a digital image taken from a camera. Easy to use on-screen click and drag measuring tools to document wound progression or regression with up to eight measurements per photo report.

AWAMS™ PDoc, the original software module upon which the AWAMS™ suite of software programs are built.

PDoc provides clinician with easy to use on-screen click and drag measuring tools to document wound progression or regression with up to eight measurements per photo report. Built as a wound documentation platform, AWAMS™ PDoc is the original photo documentation software designed for a variety of healthcare environments.

Numerous report and charting formats allows clinicians a constellation of options. Comprehensive and simple wound charting, comparison reports and nine photo thumbnail reports are among the tools available to clinicians and administrators. Stored on a shared drive these photos and reports are available throughout your intranet and are e-mailable to physicians and other healthcare facilities in PDF or Windows Journal file format.

Digital photo documentation report and charting storage is accomplished with increased staff efficiencies, and inter-facility communication and coordination are streamlined and enhanced.

Let Savant Imaging show you the full suite of AWAMS™ products to help you provide the best in care.

Software Features

  • On Screen Wound Measurement
    (up to eight measurements on one photo)
  • Automatic wound size comparison reports
  • Automatic wound volume calculations
  • On screen comprehensive wound assessments
  • Multiple formatted or unformatted report selections
  • Thumbnail report with up to nine photos on one report
  • Patient profile report including patient photo and admission information
  • Custom measurements including height differentials
  • Easy to use point and click operations

Healthcare Facilities Served by this Software

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